Cyber Security services


Assess Your Organization's Vulnerabilities Precisely and Accurately

The increasing number of computer virus, malware and ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations is forcing executives to reevaluate their information security strategies. Trends indicate that healthcare organizations are particularly at risk, due to the industry’s historic underinvestment in information security, the comparatively high “black market” value and exploitation risks of stolen healthcare data, and the fact that most organizations lack a clear understanding of their vulnerabilities.

Huntzinger’s Cyber Security Offerings

Huntzinger is focused solely on the healthcare provider marketplace, and our Cyber Security Services focus on the key elements of the NIST Cyber Security Framework of “Identify, Protect, Defend, Respond and Recover” that are most relevant to healthcare missions and business challenges. We’ll develop a comprehensive, yet actionable, roadmap that will guide your Cyber Security Strategy. We also offer customized solutions specific to a focus area, such as ransomware defense and readiness, as part of a full spectrum of Cyber Security service offerings.


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